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Our Approach
Together with your team, we will study and gather information required to meet your objectives and business needs. Once we compile the relevant information about the customer’s business processes and existing technology infrastructure, we create an implementation and integration plan. During each phase of implementation, we use a formal review and approval process to address any customization and configuration feedback the customer may have. Our implementation approach encompasses a number of specific phases:

Systems Review
We will gather your system requirements by conducting the following reviews: workflow processes, reporting requirements, current system and procedures. We will also interview personnel at all levels to understand the relationships among the information managed by the system. This information will be used to design and configure the appropriate software solution.

Internal Staff Preparation
In order for your implementation to proceed smoothly, we will conduct a survey of each of the participants for the new system. This will assess both the change capacity and functional capacity of each individual and the implementation site as a whole. Staff requirements will be established based on client expectations of business procedures and performance goals. Finally, project responsibilities will be determined and assigned at both the overall project level and at the department and/or module level as deemed appropriate.

Environmental Preparation
We will perform systematic review of the hardware, software, and operating system components, then documenting the findings. Before implementing client/server applications, deficiencies identified in the system review should be rectified. This approach minimizes problems both during implementation and after. Our typical system review includes:

· Access and security issues
· Network operating system
· Client operating systems and network share files
· Software management program
· Virus protection
· Backup strategies and procedures

Implementation Planning
We will work with you to design a written implementation plan that identifies the order of the business management systems to be installed at your site, the necessary testing for each module, the parallel processes/tasks that need to be run, and the training plan for your staff. The implementation plan will also identify the proper time frame for a successful implementation of the business system.

Module Setup and Configuration
We will install the business management systems onto your database server. We will initialize the database, which will provide you a starting point for setting up your data designed around your needs. We will then configure all the workstations required to access the software. We will set up the appropriate modules and configurations. We will help you identify a proper coding scheme for master records (chart of accounts, vendors, customers, etc.) and assist you in setting up the master records.

Module Testing
After setting up and configuring the modules, they will be thoroughly tested. This will involve inputting live data into the master records, initializing historical data fields, printing reports, and entering and processing new transactions. Depending upon the decisions made during the implementation planning phase, module testing will occur either in parallel to an existing system, or as a new, independent process.

Custom Reports
Using your current report formats we will use default report templates where we are able to replicate your existing reports. Report formats not already available will be custom designed and implemented using the appropriate report writer. For financial reporting from the General Ledger, we recommend FRx report writer. For reports from other module files, we recommend Crystal Reports. Our goal will be to give you the knowledge and skills so that you will eventually be able to design custom reports yourselves, using these same tools.

Customized Procedures
Our business management software package includes a detailed user manual that describes step-by-step procedures for processing information through the system. We can tailor these procedures with your own internal control policies. We will give you the Microsoft Word processing files so that you can continue to update the document as you change and grow.

We will train you and your staff to use the business management software modules. This training will include, but will not be limited to, how to enter source documents, enter transactions, close the modules, perform key processes, etc.

Go-Live Assistance
After completing the implementation and training processes, we will provide assistance to your staff during the initial "go-live" launch phase of the new system. This will involve both on-site and technical assistance to ensure a smooth transition to the new system and procedures.

Project Management
In order for you to manage your project effectively, we will provide you with bi-weekly status reports of all consulting activities. Periodically, we will conduct project review meetings to assess further the progress and direction of your project. Staff will be coordinated based upon these project reviews. In addition, this process will assist long-range resource planning and allocation.

Project Hand-Off and Management Letter
When you become comfortable with ownership of your new system and no longer require immediate implementation assistance, you will designate a date after which you will fully administrate your new system internally. We will issue to you a management letter addressing the key issues and priorities of your ongoing system administration

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