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Professional Webdesign

BTSC specializes in designing high-quality and impressive website, depends on the customer's specified demands in oder to get the best effect for your business. From the first blueprint to the continued process sush as Website development, Website maintenance, Web advertisement and Web preservation, BTSC always have the most economical and top-hole solutions with the professional and persuasive style of work that pleased all of the stickiest clients. This will be done by the group of professional website developers and the staff of dynamic youthful Graphic designer who have many creative ideas at BTSC.

At present, in oder to give support to the enterprise in business and marketing online, to promote trade and develop clients, BTSC want to introduce to you some professional and economical website design packages:

The Static web package:
The static web has rarely changeable data, only contains HTML documents with no database, and ití»s content must be updated by a person who specialize in HTML language. You can choose the static web if the information on your website seldom change once a year or two years.
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The Dynamic web package:
The dynamic web has a large number of information contained in database. The showing information will be dynamic generated from accessing database. It allows to create many orther contents in the same website by changing the accessing data. If the information on your website have to declare, change or update in manytimes, you can choose the Dynamic web.

The updating data on the dynamic web will be done with the site administration tool, that permit you to update information by yourself easily at anytime and in anywhere without the assistance or the outdoor intercession.
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Ecommerce, which is the dynamic web, have more extensible functions and allows people to transact online such as: selling goods or services, ordering, payment processing, customer management, order management...etc

When ecommerce is exploited and developed, it will be a strategic leverage that help your business overpass the competitor with many the persuasible points as decreasing cost of selling and expense in marketing,...; it'll also be a conjunction that keep the enterprises communicate with their customers at any time and in anywhere. Ecommerce is coming a trend applied more and more universally now.
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All web packages are free 1 domain (.com, .net, .org, .us) & 1 hosting 300Mb in one year
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